The keen eye of a Content editor works out the “matter.”

There are various dimensions to content writing, and one important is the proofreading or editing. Cut, cut and cut, well this is not the film editing we are talking about but about the content editing. So much, creativity flows in the air every day with ample contents written that a quality control check is necessary. A content editor is a person having great lingual knowledge specializing in enhancing the content and making it much better for the audience to read. Hence, it’s rightly said in writing community that there is never good writing but much better re-writing.

Words “matter”

When any content is written, it initially cannot be the standard work but slowly the content editor has to work on the quality to improve the write up. There are many grammatical, spelling errors and lingual enhancements to be made, depending on the kind of audience catering. Language has to be excellent when targeting the international audience. Playing with words is editing. Paraphrasing complex sentences to simple is editing. Increasing the volume and texture, decreasing the inappropriate is editing. If the editing of any content is good then the piece of work will be more impactful, effective and clearer to the masses.

Content editor’s playfield

Sleep, feed and eat on it. This is what basically company editors do. They don’t add just reduce. Read the content in reverse to see its sense, read it aloud, kill out the redundancies, kill the unnecessary adjectives and adverbs, justify every sentence and prevent passive sentences.

Being an editor is not easy but requires lots of efforts and dedication with an eye for detail in words. It may take time initially to establish as editor, but the end results are glorious as the time and effort put into it is worth every sweat. A good editor will have clarity in thoughts while writing, make content readable, impactful and ultimately more alive.

Let every word strike a chord with an audience such that they are hooked to your writing, and then only it creates a true sense.

Editing = sheer piece of excellence in language + practice + reading + focus

When this formula is attained, great editors are born.