Why Should You Update your Website with Fresh Content Regularly

Once you have a website for your business, what do you do keep it updated? Do you post  new content regularly on your website? Are you working to make your website relevant and a resource for your clients?  What do you do to interact with your prospective clients?  Even if you are aware that you should update your website, you might be often overwhelmed about “why should I update new content so often?”  There are several reasons for adding new content on a regular basis.

Getting a website is a primary step towards your online presence.  Now, it is highly crucial  to get people to interact and engage with your business.  Starting a conversation  is the best way to make this happen. It can be done only by putting fresh, relevant content on your website on a regular basis. According to a survey by US-based Content Marketing Institute, about 77% B2C marketers and 76% B2B marketers planned to create more content during the current year as compared to previous years.  It is getting clear that content is  getting valuable for  any  marketing strategy.

Here, I have picked  7 important reasons that are enough to convince you to post new useful content on a regular basis.

 So here I go!

Search Engines love new content every time!

Search engines are always on look out of new latest updates. They love the high quality and relevant content updated often.  Whenever you add new content to your website, the search engine will crawl into new pages. And when someone searches for the products and services you are offering, your website will be shown in search engine listing.  It is important to have a well-written content to improve the ranking in search engine results; though higher page ranking depends on upon the search engine algorithm. There are changes in search engine algorithm several hundred times a year. Still, fresh and useful content is always a priority, and regular updates are important for SEO.

  More content means more keywords!

Give something fresh to read to your visitors

Online users use the internet to find the latest information on the topics they like to read about.   The majority of users are looking for some solutions to their problems or looking to buy some products services. Visitors want to see something new on your website  every time they visit it, and if they do not get it, they will lose interest and leave. So, keep them engaged with your business, give them, something fresh to read and reasons to return.

Shows your business is live

 A regular updating of your website shows not only to your visitors but to search engines also that your website is live, and business is active. It shows that your want conversation with your visitors and are interested in providing information to them. There might not be an immediate benefit in terms of sales, but there are several chances that a regular visitors becomes your loyal customer eventually. Hence, update  your website more often.



Shows authority on your subject

Your customers or clients want the best products and services when they deal with your company. When you regularly share expert information about those aspects, they start trusting your expertise and advice. It builds your authority on the subject, and this is crucial to develop trust among the customers that you know well about your field.


Get a chance to engage with your audience

When you update your website with good quality content regularly, your current, and potential customers  will return to learn more from you. It should be a two-way discussion. Give them an opportunity to interact, respond and review your content. Engaging content is a way to keep your audience for a longer time on your website. You can also encourage them to explore more information about your products and services.

Connect with your existing customers

You can reach your existing customers in a cost effective way. Through your website, your can announce new arrivals, clearance sale, new updates in the company and more.  In fact, this is the easiest way to reach customers who have just an off chance to see posters  outside your store.

What should be the frequency of updates? –How Often?

Since your business is a living entity, your website should reflect its motion. It is recommended to update your website 2-3 times a week.  You can update your homepage with the information new services or deals. However, the best way is to start a blog at your website and keep updating it at least once a week.   Use your blog to share information that your customers might find useful. The content should be engaging as when a user leaves a comment on your blog; it updates your website!


Updating a website regularly keeps it in motion, and Google loves this movement. It helps in regular indexing of the website and also helps in improving the rank.  You can add an article, an image or a video or some other useful content to get the attention of the viewers.

Over to you. What are the other advantages of updating a website? If you find a website with long outdated content, what will you do, stay or leave the website? What do you think about such website; Is that still working or abandoned? Would you want to place an order at such website? Please share your views in the comments.