16 Awesome Content Writing Tools To Make Your Work Easy


There are a number of content writing tools that help you write better content and promote it easily. Content writing is not just about writing as writing is one part of being a blogger. Once you establish yourself as a blogger, you need to be good at various others jobs. Apart from your writing to be top-notch, you need to be good at content marketing, social media and designing as well.   Since competition is intense, and readers are hungry for content, you need to keep posting all the time.   Reputed media agency, OrbitMedia says that 23% of 1000 bloggers post at least 2 to 6 articles in a week and each is having wordcount between 500 to 1000 words.

To boost the productivity when it comes to writing; you need to  use some automation tools to save your time over things like proofreading, making visuals, social media and more. It is really important to find the best tool to make your job easier.

Here today, I am sharing a few content writing tools that will help with the better content creation and distributing your fresh content to social media.


1.       Evernote


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When planning to write a post, do not write anything that comes to your mind, Brainstorm a few ideas and then pick the best one. Instead of writing on paper, use Evernote as it gives a visual and interactive interface to create, manage and develop your ideas.


2.               Trello

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It is an amazing yet user-friendly application for those who like to use stickers for making notes. Trello allows you to arrange your notes into digital cards. There are four categories of cards including ideas, to do, doing, done. Drag and drop them once the activity is done. Having an intuitive user interface, it allows you work along with applications like Google drive Dropbox and OneDrive.

3.               Google Calendar

Gmail is one of the most used applications. Google calendar is another great application that helps you plan your activities.  You can use it as a daily planner for your blog management as well. You can write down topic ideas for your new posts, schedule time and date for writing and publish the posts. You can create a to-do list or schedule events. You can sync it with your mobile device.


4.              Feedly

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Feedly lets you stay aware of the latest updates in your domain and interest.  You can create your own feed by following blogs, websites and youtube channels. You just need to set keyword alert for your blog as well, or name mentions so you know any discussion about you in the online world.


5.              Alltop

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Alltop is one of the topmost sources of inspiration.  It is home to thousands of publications and arranges them into different categories such as travel, cultures, sports, fashion, real estate and more.


6.       Hubspot topic generator


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Sometimes, it happens that you are not able to come up with an attractive topic idea. It is the case when you are writing a huge number of posts on a regular basis. This tool can help you get fresh ideas. You just need to enter three keywords, and it will apply its algorithm and give you a large list of ideas to set you in the right direction.


7.               Portent’s Content Idea Generatorcontent writing tools


It is one of the best tools for generating topic ideas. This headline generator can rescue in times when you are stuck trying to create a catchy headline. It will help you reconstruct your headline once again using a different structure. Just enter one word and submit to see the titles. You can update it as many times as you want.


8.              Grammarly

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This is one of the must-have content writing tools for writers, bloggers, and editors. It is one the best grammar and spelling checker available. It not only helps you correct grammar and spelling errors, but it also optimizes your content and makes it more readable. After every, you complete content, run it through Grammarly to make it a good piece.


9.              Calmly Writer

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Although  Microsoft word is an obvious choice for a word processor, it may not be the best thing.  It is no doubt very powerful tool, still, sometimes; you need a more streamlined tool that can allow you to focus more on your writing. Calmly Writer gives your own plain writing pad and cut the clutter.  With this application, you get only basic writing tools such as features to insert links, quotes or subheadings, etc. Moreover, the focus mode is a unique feature as it makes everything else blurry except the paragraph you are writing on.

10.       Hemingway

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It is a wonderful online editing tool that allows writers to edit their work easily. It works by highlighting complex sentences, turns passive voice into active voice and gives suggestions to reduce usage of too many adverbs. It also shows readability score of content. Moreover,   it counts the number of words, sentences, paragraphs, and characters.


11.       Copyscape

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When it comes to online content writing, plagiarism is not accepted. If you plagiarise anyone less content, intentionally or otherwise, Google can flag it, penalize your site and give it a low ranking. Copyscape Premium is an ultimate plagiarism detection tool.


12.        Power Thesaurus

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It is very simple yet highly useful application. It is thesaurus application that is clean and streamlined, and it does not carry any ads as it is crowdsourced.  Developers keep working to update this app with the latest development in linguistics.


13.       Canva

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To make your content more engaging, you need interesting images.  With relevant images, content not only becomes aesthetically more pleasing but also, becomes more useful and informative. However, most content writers do not have much experience with image editing. Canva is one such application that lets you easily create visual content including infographics, posters, presentations and cover images. It has several templates to fit your requirement.



 14.        Easel.ly

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Creating an infographic can be a bit time-consuming, but it is worth creating one as infographics are proved to more shareable. However, you can get help from an excellent app called Easel.ly that offers templates that allow you to add, delete, or edit each element of your infographic. Once you are done with your editing, you can download it as a .pdf.


15.        Hootsuite


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Writing content is one-fourth of the job done for a content writer. The major part is to promote. However, it takes too much of  your time. So, it is better to use social media automation tools. HootSuite offers a platform to manage your social media by scheduling and publishing your posts.


 16.       Buffer

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It’s one of the top-level social media management tools as it not only lets you share your content on different social media sites but also keeps track of various stats. These stats tell you about which time or day when your posts are most effective. There is one image enhancing tool named Pablo that lets you put text to your images.

Over to You

This is my list of content writing tools that help write good content and promote it.  This is not the ultimate list of content creation tools, so share in comments your favorite tools that help you write better and more content.