A Crisp Guide Helping You Create the Best SEO Campaigns 2016




In my years of experience as an online business analyst I have noticed that a major part of the questions posed to me are from online entrepreneurs, and even seasoned website owners, asking me how to make the best SEO campaign. It is certainly expected if we look  at the immense rise of online business trend in the past few years in India.

A recent study done by mainstream media channel NDTV predicts that the number of online shoppers in India is set to rise from the 20 million in 2013 to more than double (40 million) by the end of 2016. This is proof enough that online businesses are the latest market for all types of manufacturers, sellers and service providers as well.

Many online business owners are familiar with the function of an SEO campaign. However, most of the web business ventures are fairly new to the field and are not aware of what an SEO is and how is it useful for the business.

Business owners who are aware of the benefits of an effective SEO campaign have tried unsuccessfully to create an impressive and profitable SEO campaign, but have failed to do so because it is not a simple process. Effective SEO campaigning and online marketing strategies require extensive knowledge of not only the workings of the search engine ranking process, but it also involves a continuously progressive online marketing plan.

Just to give you the meaning of SEO and its functioning in general terms, let us start with the basics:

Understanding the basics of an SEO campaign strategy

SEO (search engine optimization) is the term which describes the process of managing the search ranking results of the website as well as promoting the website in order to increase profitable user traffic to the website from other sources.

An effective SEO marketing campaign is a complex process requiring loads of experience in online marketing skills and an extensive knowledge of the intricacies of the niche market that the website wishes to target.


Elements of an effective SEO campaign

An effective SEO campaign requires precise planning, executing, maintenance and observing of the various tools at work. Before that the first step by the website owner is to follow certain points to ensure that the product/service that the SEO will promote is up-to-the-mark in expectations and quality. Hence, a little introspection about the design, theme, layout, content, etc of your website is a good task.

Follow these simple steps to see if your website is ready to handle the results of an effective SEO campaign:

Analyze – This requires making all efforts to improve the website first. This will need you to analyze the current condition and identify the weak points. This also helps to identify new business opportunities as well.

Plan – Just making the website roll through the routine monotony is not good for business at all. You need to set concrete goals and make a feasible plan.

Act – Activate the plan at the decided time and make full efforts in ensuring its smooth running till you achieve the expected results.

The SEO expert will need to fully understand the core aim of your website in order to better plan the bespoke online marketing strategy. Factors, such as the targeted user audience of your website, the USP (unique selling point) and benefits of your website as well as the expectations and the resulting experience of the user, are regarded by the SEO experts in planning the most viable SEO campaigning strategy for you.


Steps in  creating best SEO campaigns

Your SEO planner and manager will follow these basic steps in improving your website’s online presence in order to ultimately make your website profitable for your business.

  1. Keywords – An ideal set of keywords is the core of any SEO campaign. The success of the keywords will decide the effectiveness in attracting productive users to your website. Ideal keywords are generated through combining phrases that the targeted user is more likely to use and the least chances of competition from using them as well.
  2. On-Site Optimization – Your SEO expert will perform regular on-site and off-site marketing campaigns in order to maintain the higher listing in the search result ranking of your website. Although, both of these strategies are somewhat differing in nature they both play an equally important role in deciding the success and profitability of an effective SEO marketing campaign.
  3. Post title – The post title is the headline which will grab the attention of not only the targeted users, but also of the web crawlers that are sent out by search engines to evaluate each page for authenticity and relevancy before ranking it.
  4. Meta Desc – This is a small, yet important, part of the content. It is useful or giving the users a glimpse into what exactly the content provide.
  5. Content – Content is the soul of the website. Any search engine will rank your website based on the authenticity, uniqueness (originality), level of relevant information, etc on the website. The main points while creating effective content for any website is to remember that the length, quality and relevancy of the content matters when it comes to performing SEO for your website. Again, this is one of the main factors that will attract potential new users to your website.
  6. Posting frequency – Web crawlers sent out by the various search engines regularly evaluate the website on the basis of relevancy of content as well. Fresh and regularly updated content is important to maintain a higher ranking is search result listing.
  7. Off-Page Optimization – This refers to the other important part of a profitable and successful SEO campaign. This activity mainly concerns creating high-quality inbound links that are most relevant.
  8. Content marketing – This is one of the most popular and effective tools for increasing traffic to the website. This refers to link building through providing high-quality content marketing. As content (or information) is the pivot of the internet the focus is always to provide the highest quality of authentic content which also attracts link building as a complimentary advantage. Another type of content marketing involves guest blogging. This refers to providing relevant and fresh content to related websites in exchange for link building from that website.
  9. Info-graphics – This is one of the most modern and innovative marketing strategies used online. Think of it as being the latest in interactive advertisement billboards for websites. These are simply designed to be most effective and impact-full.
  10. Social media – Effective SEO planning also requires using the social media platforms to the fullest.

Again, I stress the point that hiring a reliable and experienced SEO agency to manage your SEO campaign is the best advice as it allows you to be free to invest and focus on the business-end of the venture and let the professionals do their job of getting your website more popular and more profitable.

It is also a financially sound decision to hire experienced SEO service providers for a profitable SEO and online marketing strategy as this saves you significant time and resources.

In my opinion, an effective SEO agency is the one that should be able to make your website compatible with universally popular internet devices, promote your business online through improving its search engine result rankings as well as managing all the intricacies that are required in planning, executing and monitoring a profitable and successful SEO campaign.