6 Simple yet Useful Tips to Grow Blog  That Works For You

grow blog

grow blog

In this age of internet marketing, one of the most important activities that are giving good results is blogging.

Most of the businesses promoting their online presence are leveraging the power of blogging and why not!

Blogging not only promotes the business but also helps grow website traffic and getting higher ranking in search engines.


Whether you blog for your passion or your business, certain rules apply to all kinds of blogging. Every blogger has an ultimate aim to get viewership for his or her content, and that needs a serious effort.  To make your  blog successful, you need to focus on your target audience and their expectations and work accordingly. However, it is not as easy as is said. You should be aware of the steps to be taken. Here are a few tips that can help you Grow Your Blog.


 Follow basic writing rules

No matter, what is the aim, topic or target audience of your blog; the primary aspect is to write  well and clearly. One thing that puts a reader off is a bad language; a language full of  bad grammar, spelling errors, and even typos.


Moreover, depending upon the niche, you need to adopt a style of writing as a personal touch is important to make any blog interesting. It can be either casual, semi-casual or formal; whatever matches the objective of your blog.


Keep your writing straightforward and precise. Do not use too complicated adjectives or adverbs. Also, to make it easy to read and comprehend, divide your content into short paragraphs. Use proper subheadings and bullet points at relevant places to make it easily digestible.


If you need  help in  revising  the rule of writing, you can refer to popular writing resources.


Niche of your blog and its target audience


Blogging is done for a purpose and choice of niche depends on upon the aim. If you are blogging for your business, your topics will revolve around your products and services. If you are a personal blogger, you can choose a niche that appeals you, or you can write about multiple niches like in news website or magazines.


Your niche and target audience help decide what you will write and for whom. For example, if you are writing for a company offering home decor products and services, your audience will be the people belonging to the construction industry, homeowners, and home designers. You can just select ideas that are useful to these people.


Create an attractive blend of contents


One of the important aspects is the type of content you create on your blog and post on social media. Try to put an interesting combination of different kinds of posts including text posts, and visual posts. You can create promotional content, user guides, images, infographics, videos, surveys, lists, and polls.  By Adding visual content to support your text content, you can grab reader’s attention more. You can use various resources available to create   infographics. Whatever content you post should be engaging.


Finding Influencers

People having high authority in your field are influencers. You should look for top bloggers in your niche and try to connect with them in any way. For instance, you can contribute a guest post, connect them with on social media, mention in your blog and let them know you have, and more such activities. It will help you get recognition for your blog and get good backlinks. Neil Patel has shared very detailed information in this context on his blog.


Optimize for search engines

To boost organic traffic, it is important to have a good ranking on search engines such as Google. When you are a beginner, following a few steps, you can achieve this aim, though not so easy as is said here, it needs constant efforts. The first thing in this direction is to find right keywords which can help you rank. Your keywords should be relevant to your blog post. Use them strategically, once in the title, three to four times in the post, in the subheadings and Meta description. However, do not overuse them to avoid penalty from Google. Google Adwords is one such tool that can help you pick right keywords.


Another thing is to get good backlinks.  Get a good balance of internal and external links. You can link to authority blogs in your niche to give more resources to your readers and add more value to your content. Also, link back to your other internal pages. All these help boost ranking.


Leverage the power of Social media

Once you write a blog, it is important to share it with the community. You can take advantage of the power of social media to present it in front of people.  After writing every post, share it on various social media platforms.  However, you have to figure out which social media platform is suitable for your niche; and where your audiences are. And expose your human side on social media, interact with  your audience,  start some random conversation, get a poll,  pose a question or share a joke. You can add social share buttons on your blog so that users can share your post without any effort.


Initially, you may find it a bit overwhelming to follow all this, but once you start understanding things and trends and get hands on right tools and topics, it becomes easier soon. Still, you can always get help from established content writing agencies to help you  to grow your blog  till you get comfortable with these steps.